Quality in Featured?


you may say that


remember when you chatted with memorablechicken


Omg the memories. Havent done that in ages i cri.

Also i was soooo cringey then. Still am, right?


Featured Quality Varies. There are so many new hopscotchers, That make decent/ good-ish projects. And one gets featured, so it is not high quality. But there are experienced hopscotchers who get featured, and they already have followers/ fans. And they get more likes.(Sorry for such a long thing, and that is way I think it varied) Thanks for reading


This conversation bores my brain. First feature more like thing a madoodle third featured on 10 bajillionth account thing a mabober thingamajig.

:astonished::astonished::astonished:I understand now XD


On a slightly unrelated topic:

  • I see mostly art
  • I see mostly coding
  • I see mostly RPs
  • I see mostly remixes
  • I see a mix (state percentages down below)


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im preytty sure it was a dream, but i saw an rp page in featured, with 10 likes and 28 plays


That is a dream. I checked. Nothing new.


thank goodness it was a dream


50 art 20 RP 25 code 5 other.


50 art, 25 rp 10 school coders clogging up the newest platform 15 coding


I don't want calculate percentages. I see mostly coding though.


In trending
15 drawing
2 rp
5 remix
10 drawing


40% art 30% coding 10%RP 20%remix/other


Why has the likes gone down? :thinking:


WHat likes? In featured?


People used to get thousands of likes when featured. Now they get around five hundred on average :fearful::scream::cold_sweat:


That's when the REALLY good coders were alive. Not saying there aren't really good coders now, but they had MagmaPOP, and Valgo, and Madi...etc...and THT doesn't always pick the best projects to go in Featured, ya know. And there might be a lack of active people on Hopscotch. You never know! And, Featured is updated more frequently now, so it takes a while for the projects to get a lot of likes. The projects that have 1000+ likes have probably been on featured for a while.


That's slightly offensive, but look at these projects I found:


I haven't calculated the average. I never thought too. What was the exact average?