Quality in Featured?


Hi! Not trying to be offensive:
Has the quality of Featured gone down? For example, my very barf Jump In project was Featured. And I've also noticed a decrease in likes of Featured projects. Is it just me, or is this because they want more people to noticed? I don't know. What do you guys think? Please respond with any comments/answers. @OMTL

  • Quality has not gone down
  • Quality has gone down
  • Quality is fine
  • Quality is in the toilet
  • Quality is amaze




its just... something


That's the best word for it. Although I do think it went down a little.


SBYP. There are several topics like this. Sure, not everyone is a MagmaPOP or even the best coder. I think featured should be something within any decent user's reach.


Yeah, it isn't like amaze balls, but if the quality hadn't gone down a bit, my project would've never gotten featured XD


Some people would not even have the dream of getting featured. Well, those some people still don't think it is possible.


I was gonna make a topic like this but I didn't


I don't care anymore


Some of it's down some of it better, like that projection thingy by I believe @CreationsOfaNoob


I saw a project on featured with 9 likes the other day


That's probably because it was new to featured. It probably have at least 100 likes now


More people is getting featured and that's why it's a little lower quality.


I think if THT thinks a project deserves to be featured they feature it, no matter how many likes it has originally or how many projects there is already on featured.

I think the quality has slipped a bit on featured but the way to fix that I'd to try your very best on each project you create and come up with a completely original idea! :laughing:


i used to get like 500 likes a day on the music kit
i think its somewhere between 4000-5000 likes now not sure

but when i visited the app like 2 months ago the featured ones were only getting like 500

but maybe that has something to do with the summer


Most likely. :D


Hey, @ExquisiteSoup. How do you feel about this?
IDK why I'm asking a robot.


Ratio of #Likes in Featured Projects 2016-2017

  • The amount of likes has gone way up
  • The amount of likes has gone up
  • The amount of likes has stayed the same
  • The amount of likes has gone down
  • The amount of likes has gone way down


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Well, depends whether or not it was featured on a school day, holiday, weekend, etc.


Has trending always had so many drawings and remixes some projects are really good but are not on trending or featured


Can i just say my most recent feature on my 3rd account has more likes than my last feature on my first account, as well as my first ever feature?