Quack art club!



So this was inspired by The NAF challenges (Serenity’s art club) and so imma start my own forum art club I will tag you for each art club challenge so you know that there is one I will make a poll, if you say yes I will add you if you say no then you won’t be added!
People that said they might be interested
There might be more that I can’t remember
Also the first challenge will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday!

  • Yes I want to join and I will do all the challenges and if I can’t I will tell you!
  • No I don’t want to join!

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first, cool idea


sure i’ll do it

i’m not in any art clubs rn so yeah


May I have some Foie Gras please?


Ok cool thanks!!!:grinning:


OK cool I’ll add you in!


when will we start challeneges?


Probably on Tuesday idk I’m just gonna wait till I can get some more members!


I literally have no motivation to draw anything. Ever.


If you join it will motivate you? Idk (no pressure)


No. I never have any good ideas on what to draw.


Which should I call it

  • Ducki forum art club
  • Ducks_Happy forum art club
  • Quack forum art club

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You could draw a squirrel? eating an acorn omg that would be so cute!!!


Or any other animal mythical animal or human


I always draw people.


What’s that???:sweat_smile:


My drawings are probably going to be the worst ones, but I’ll join.


OK great I’ll add you in!!!:grinning:


Here is your answer:


I have insulted the entire duck kingdom.

By the way, its not for me, its for my imaginary french friend.


Oh umm cool you shall pay for insulting the quack kingdom! Jk