Quack art club challenges!



Ok since this is the first challenge I want to get to know you all! This challenge is called #MyStyle for this challenge you have to draw something in YOUR art style. Lol I know this one is a little simple but they will get harder! If you have any questions just let me know! This is due March 30! Good luck~Ducki
(you can still ask to join the club if you really want to join!)
This is the topic with the first 5 challenges!


i don’t think u need to make a new topic for every challenge


Ok can we draw anything?


yeah I think

are you gonna draw a potato? :33






I’ll probably post it tomorrow


hey so idk if this would count but i made some fanart for @The_candy_artist and so could it be posted as an entry? Here it is:

no. two


Ok good idea I’ll change the topic to quack art club challenges!:grinning:


Ya that can count good job!!! :grin:


@DogWithAPen here’s the topic!


ok i’ll start my thing


Hey @Ducks_Happy could I join the club?


lol thanks for the fanart, luve it! (´∀`)


Here’s m6 entry:


@JellyBean yes of course, I’ll add ya!


DUCKS can i join???

But i unfortunately cannot do this challenge as I have to be gone.


Oh yes you may join! Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for letting me know!


Ok, but I can’t do this one.


Yup I know!!! :grin::grinning: