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It's mai general topic! I really want this to be a Q and A style topic, but I will use this as my general topic too!

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what's your favorite pokemon that isnt from gen 1 or 2?

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I would say Crystal, but that's from gen 2, so I choose Sun, or FireRed.

that isnt what i meant
i meant pokemon species, like frogadier or zebstrika

Oh I thought you meant game. In that case I don't really have one. I kinda like Nebby tho.

ok fine
btw [massive sun&moon spoilers ahead] nebby's actual species is called cosmog

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Yeah yeah I know. I actually don't even know why I said Nebby. I knew that already! xD

alright bye


Nebby is a cosmog, and then evolves into cosmoem, and then solgaleo or lunala, depending on if you have the sun or moon game. So i'm basically explaining that Nebby is a name, not an actual pokemon species name. Sorry if you already knew this.

by the way, which one's your favorite pokemon out of all of these choices?

I dunno

What is Globnar (btw i was tagged here)


What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

What's the profile pic?

@ExquisiteSoup - Gaming, hopscotch, watching TV, and looking for a place to buy a Nintendo Switch. (Yes, I do that on my spare time.)

@PIANOMAN - It's Squid Girl