Q And A with the queen


Ask me stuff and I'll try to answer :grinning::grinning::fire::blue_heart::zap:


Hey wat is the name of this week


@diss_track_queen @Goku welcome to the forum!


I'm not new really I'm not new


How old are you? Please Replie


10 that is my old how old are you


Not me and you are not the person who is doing the Q and A


Ok I am sorry value I thought you tell me


I see a problem with this.


What does that even mean??


How can you not its most likely his grammar but he doesn't care


I wasn't commenting on his grammar. He said he wasn't new, but he joined 1 day ago :l


Oh well this is awkward


Hi! I just wanna say

welcome to the forum!

There are lots of fun things to do on here! To check out the latest conversations, click the latest tab!

Things to remember!

Always be nice - no one likes being treated badly! Treat people the way you would wanna be treated!

Don't start flamewars - This one's obvious, but don't start flamewars. Flamewars are basically HUGE arguments in topics!

Don't tag too much - people don't really like it when their constantly tagged! You can tag people every once in a while, but not every post! :wink:

Ask for help when you need it - Don't keep wondering if your program will stink! Ask for help!

The trust levels!

@trust_level_0 - The starting level for everyone!

@trust_level_1 - This one you will get quick, it gives you basic features for everything!

@trust_level_2 - Not much of a difference, but a couple new features!

@trust_level_3 - WOAH! This ones a toughy! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts, but this proves your a real hopscotchers

@trust_level_4 - no one can get this right now

P.S. you can tag me any time!


I am a lazy person(go ahead call me lazy I would agree 100%) And it's a relief that I read that trying to be rude


Wait it did not mean to say nit


You can edit it with the pencil


Thanks Razor I did not know that since I am new

  • I want to join the club
  • Meh it would be fun
  • It sounds dum but ok
  • Nah sounds dum
  • Wut club??


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I only voted "Nah sounds dum" because you either say that you are interested or that it sounds dumb.