Q and A with Paige1212!


You can ask me (non personal or not inappropriate ) questions
For example: what is your favorite song?
And I will answer : no by Meghan trainnor!

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What are you coding right now?


Nothing much!!!!!!!!


Whats your favorite project in hopscotch?


@thebestest Hmmmmm.... I think Fruit Bounce by @SmileyAlyssa


Thank you! :smiley:

If you could add something (like a function, a new tool, or a rule) to improve Hopscotch, what would it be?


If I could add a new feature it would be to add something to keep track of how many likes,projects,followers you have!
And I have liked all of you @SmileyAlyssa's projects!


I love your profile pic on the forum @smileyalyssa!


What was your first hopscotch project?
Have you had any features?
What is your hopscotch goal?
Do you have any HS friends?
Do you know any Hops irl?
What is your favourite project made by you?
What is your favourite project made by other hops?
If you could change one thing in hopscotch, what would you change?


This was my first project!


I have had 1 feature


My goal would be to get another project on featured and get followed by THT and @SmileyAlyssa


My hopscotch friends are @happyfacegirl,@cupcake.maniac
And @MobCraft and many others!


I don't know any hops in real life :pensive:


My fav project of mine Is my balloon draw!


My fav project made by someone else is ether Fruit Bounce by @SmileyAlyssa!
Or Olympics by @happyfacegirl!


If I could change something in hopscotch it will be too.......KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FOLLOWERS,HOW MANY LIKES YOU HAVE!


Thx for calling me fren :smile:


Your welcome @mobcraft!


Thank you so much!