Q and A for everyone!



Hi everyone! Lately I have been noticing a lot of Q and A topics! So I figured, why not just make one topic that that lots of people can make Q and A's on! This could get a little crowded, so here are some rules:
1st, request a q and a with someone! Tag them, ask them whatever.
2nd, figure a time to interview/be interviewed that works for both users.
3rd, when that time comes, I will ask all users to not be on the topic except you and your interviewer.
4th, ask the person your questions, and then tell me when your done, so someone else can go!

You can sign up below in the editable post by @Phase_Admin! Thanks Phase_Admin for helping me out! :slightly_smiling:


You can sign up on this post since @codingCupcake123 cannot make things editable. You have up to 15 minutes for an interview!


Thank you soooooooo much @Phase_Admin !!!!!!!! Can I use this as a sign up sheet?


Of course you can @codingCupcake123!


I made this topic please search before you post!


Just searched....I didn't find anything. Did you make it recently?


No it was a while ago though!


I thought I would make one because of the recent burst in q and a's. Do you mind if I keep it alive?


Yep maybe merge them together!