Q and A! @bluedogmc-official!


Hi everyone! I wanted to do a question and answer! Please keep most questions hopscotch related! If I don't feel comfortable answering a question, I wont answer! No personal info!


What do you like best, coding, or reading a book? Lel. I couldn't think of anything else xD


It depends how good the book is..
Nah, I'd rather code!


Why is your profile picture a yellow dog if your username is "bluedogmc"?


Are you a boy or a girl... I always have this problem! Until December, I thought one of my best friends (on HS) was a girl...that was funny :yum:


Ok, so when I was little, I had to come up with a username for something, and I said "bluedog", because my fav color was blue and I had a dog. That name kinda stuck, and now I use that for a lot of things. But, now my favorite color is green, and I already am known by bluedog. I like photo editing, so I made my profile pic. I used a green filter because my fave color is green.

Wow, that was long. That's basically the story of how I got my username and why my profile pick is Green!


Before I tell you, what do you think I am?

I won't be offended if you get it wrong, it happens all the time to me!


I'm think a girl...? Cause you background thingy has chillana...I'm so sorry if I got that wrong :flushed::sweat_smile:
(I never thought about this until now :wink: )


I am a girl! A lot of people think I'm a boy!
You are a girl right...


Yes! I'm a girl! I think that's a little obvious...:smile:


That's what I thought, and it is obvious, but I mean, hey, ya never know!


True that...I think once someone thought I was a boy...nothing wrong with that :smile: I have short-ish hair, if I cut it shorter, I could pass as a boy...but then the chest...no, just no. :yum:


Huggingfluffybear thought we were two boys!

I think.


I think I'm right...you are brother and sister sharing an account, right? I'm pretty sure I'm right :D


Who's this dude? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No idea! :joy::blush:


I know. I think.

My answer

Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series?

Don't look until bluedogmc-official says his answer.
You can look now.


It is...

Severus Snape xD


I got it! It was actually the terrible drawing in the book…


Do you want a wood chuck-chuck if the wood-wool chuck allows it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: