Q & A yup... Deal with it



Today ill just be taking question it can be so randome you chould make fnaf joke i dont know im tried i need wake up eraly so just yheay
Also please dont flag people with a ... Odd question


Where did you get the idea of your name?


Nice profile pic! Did you made it?


When I was seven i was thinking of a name even if should probably ■■■■ and I best friend came and was like how about vortex and I have used it ever sense I will, he later died in a car crash


I .... Miss him very much


I have a question,
How old are you?
you don't have to answer if you think it's too personal.


I have alredy done that?! Also cool pic metaton i dont have undertale


Oh you have?
Sorry XD

and thanks! I don't have undertale either.. But I watched it all on YouTube! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses: