Q&A With pikachu😊


Ask any questions! I will answer as long as the questions is not inappropriate!


Is your favorite color yellow? Also, what is your favorite Pokemon besides pikachu and it's evolutions?


What's your favorite project(s)? :D

Oh and @TheRealPikachu welcome to the forum!
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Woa it's da reel pikachu

k um

What's ur favorite pokeman


My favorite color is not actually yellow. It is in fact....blue! More specifically, robins egg blue. My favorite Pokémon is Vulpix. Just Vulpix.


Hello new fren! :3

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite sport?

How long have you been on Hopscotch?


I honestly don't have a favorite project. Except for maybe my Mega Blastoise pixel art. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for asking!


Thank you new fren! I like mussels(the seafood) best
My favorite sport is tennis because I play it
I have been on Hopscotch for a year, on my both accounts combined.


This is probably too late, but...

Welcome to the forum!


Do you wanna be friends?
And welcome to the Forum!


Omigosh yes! Thank you I would love to be friends your art is amazing!


Welcome to the forum, @TheRealPikachu! Your profile picture is awesome.

How did you find out about the forum and Hopscotch?


Thank you! Your profile pic is cool too.
I found out about the forum through my friend, and Hopscotch through school. Thanks for asking!


Thanks. XD

That's so cool! So, your friend is on the forum? What's their username?

I found hopscotch through school too, that's awesome.


@Emoji'sRUs is my friends forum account. She is Emoji's R Us ™ in Hopscotch.




Oh, I know her! She's awesome! You both are.


le blush thanks! :blush:


OMG I wuv mussels too. This is why I love the summer time, vacation to the shore where the seafood is. Oh, sorry this is off topic. I just could not resist.


Hi Pikachu!

I really like your projects!

How many Features have you had?
What's your favorite song?
What's your favorite project made by you?
Favorite project overall?
What's your favorite dessert?