Q+A with me (lemony gem)


Hello everyone please ask me anything (no personal questions)


How long have you been doing Hopscotch (HS)?
Do you want to be Hopscotch Forum (HSF) President? Or a leader?
On a scale from one to ten, how experienced would you rate yourself on HSF?

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Hello! What is your username on the app?


ok! lets play the next round


I'm playing hide and seek! nobody tell!


Da heck Kayro?


Hi bray bray! Is Sham being betters?


R U KIDDING?!?!?!? Link:


This happened yay!!
BTW. check this topic


Yeah I know she woke up but how is she ...doing...


Good, I think. I mean, I hope so! I love Lucky. I hope she knows that.
@shamrockcat.. we miss you


She is doing great. She decided she will come back on.. (drum roll please).......... on Sunday. Not tommmorow, just because it will be DOS.


I have no idea how long I have been on HS :neutral_face:
But I want be a leader on HSF
Hope this helps
Lemony gem


Hi my username is lemony gem


I didn't need those answers, just..
U said ask me anything, and (not personal) no one said aything.. I felt bad.