Q + A with -Madi-


Whatcha working on @Madi_Hopscotch_?


I'm working on a bunch of mini projects/games! :smiley: I have a few that are ready to post, but I never have time to post them :P I'll try to post one tomorrow!



I haven't coded on a draft in about two or seven days....


Are you half pig?


No, I'm half turtle :turtle:


Hi Senpai Madi!
How are you so awesome?
Do you procrastinate?
How many drafts do you have rn?
What's your favorite Hopscotch avatar?
Which Hopscotcher do you inspire?
What motivates you to code?
What's your favorite Hopscotch rule (move forward,set colour,etc.)?
What are your thoughts about the subscription?
What's your favorite project?
Do you know all the maths in Hopscotch?
What are you coding right now?
On a scale of 1-10,how would you rate the Hopscotch community?
What do you like about Hopscotch?


Hi I am here anyone I'm alone


Hello @PrincessBunny1 I followed you a few days ago


Oh nice I a man bored I am really sad


I meant I am sad like really sad



Thanks for the answer!




Ok. Thanks!!


Hi everyone!

Just letting you know I will probably be posting a new project later!



OMG @Madi_Hopscotch_ thx so much for the like!!


@Madi_Hopscotch_, your Zombie Apocalypse game is awesome! I really like the AI, and it's an awesome idea :D
I got F XD


Thanks so much!! It's means a lot to me coming from an awesome coder like you!! It took me so long to everything working right! XD


I loved the game too! I got a B! It's really fun and works so well too!


Yeah… it's so freaking amazing.