Q + A with -Madi-


Q + A with -Madi-!
You can ask me any question you would like and I will get back to you as soon as possible! :wink:

Feedback for -Madi-

What inspires you to make games?


Hello Madi, I love your projects! My question is how was your day and what is your favorite thing you have coded? :D


Hi Madi! :D

I love your projects!

I have some questions for you!

What inspires you to code?

How did you start Hopscotch?

What advice would you give to a kid who just started Hopscotch?


Hai -Madi- you are one of my favorite hopscotchers!

What is your favorite block?
What/who inspires you?




How do you find the update?

Are you a subscriber?

What are you working on?

Should I tag @tankt2016?

Who do you look up to on HS?

Do you know me?

What do you like in projects?

I'm a big fan!!


Hi -madi-!

I love your projects so much! You are one of my role models and my goal is to get followed by you!


Why did you start hopscotch?

Where do you get ideas?

What, in your opinion, makes a person follow worthy?

How long have you been on the forum?


I am a huge fan!!

How long did it take you to make lemonade stand?


I bet a lot!!!! :slight_smile:


Hi -Madi-!
I have some questions:
What inspired you to code?
How did you first join hopscotch?
Are you liking the new update?
Do you know anyone on hopscotch in real life?


@KoolM123 @Gilbert189 @Phase_Admin @smishsmash
What inspires me?

I like to make games based on things I like. I love lemonade, which game me the idea of a lemonade stand. I try to think of things that haven't been made yet on hopscotch. I also also get inspiration from other hopscotches. :slight_smile:


A :heart: for you @Madi_Hopscotch_!


Kewl! :D @Madi_Hopscotch_!

Awesome answers!


It was a while ago but I think it took me at least a few weeks or a month or more!


-madi-, you are truly a great hopscotcher! I hope you saw my questions!


I really love that game!! :-D

Have any plans on trying to make something like that and put it on the App Store?


Around 2 years ago one of my friends showed Hopscotch to me. My friend doesn't use Hopscocth anymore, so I don't know anyone in real life.


Me, too! So sine and cosine is really really hard, so I would want some ideas from it.


I like to follow people with creative ideas, and projects that inspire me. :slight_smile:

I started the forum when it came out. I stopped using it for a while but now I'm back!


Awesome, thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: