Q&A with Holly #Aarmau


Hai! Sorry if the Q&As are annoying... I just really wanted to do one!

I might give late replies because I am busy.... I'll try not to do the mass tag list.


If I don't get replies by tomorrow, I might have to pull out the tag list....


What's your best project?
:cookie: Or :icecream:
What/who inspires you?
Who are your favourite hopscotchers?
Blob or huzzah?
Sorry about the random questions XD


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Favorite hopscotcher?
Do you have any pets?
if you could add one thing to hopscotch, what would you add?


My favorite Hopscotcher is SmileyAlyssa:blush: And my second favorite is XiaoMiaoMi.
I have a dog named Norton and a cat named Princess Holly Muning Senpai The Kitty.
And I would add an input thingy.


Aphmau Senpai is awesome.
She's a girl FYI.


Favorite Hopscotchers are SmileyAlyssa and XiaoMiaoMi.
Hmmm...for the who inspires you, does it have to be in hs?
My favorite project of mine is https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xubsmml1v or https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xubrkya1g.


What/who inspires you in hopscotch




Anyone else?!


Tag List (Approved by BAS)



What country are you in
Why did you start hopscotch
What's your favourite food
Why did you choose your hopscotch name


I don't think you need a tag list for Q and A's!:wink:

  1. America
  2. My friend told me that it was better than scratch, so I wanted to check it out.
  3. Oreos or Mac n' Cheese from Panera
  4. Name history:
    Princess_Pearle- This used to be my MC username.
    Holly #Aarmau- I got a cat named Holly (for short) and I ship Aarmau in mcd!
    Minecraft Name History (Sorry, I just had to) (°//w//°):
    Heroesolympusfan- I was REALLY into Heroes Of Olympus.
    Princess_Pearle- I liked the name "Pearle".
    PrincessHolly- Part of my cats name.
    HollyTan- It was easier to type.


Mass Q & A Question List!

Alright, what is your favorite project?
What is your favorite character on Harry Potter? No one
Who plays Batman? A lot of people
How was your day? Good
Do you have any pets? Yeas
Why do you want to do this Q&A or AMA? Cause
Do you like milkshakes? Eh
Who is your favorite character?
Batman or Superman? Batman!
Do you like singing? YASSS
What do you want to be when you get older?
A laywer.
Who is your favorite hopscotcher?
What is your favorite project made by you? None
Do you play the piano? Yeah... Look down
Do you play any musical instrument? Piano
Do you Hopscotchify any music?
I have twice
What is your favorite block? Values!
Do you like sports? Nah
What is your favorite book?
Don't ask...
I have too many
Do you like Hopscotching?
Do you like the community?
Yeah, except for all the flame wars
How many stars would you give Hopscotch? This was answered below
Who do you follow?
Idk (i think that this was in another part.)
What kind of projects do you like?
How, in your opinion, would a Hopscotcher be follow-worthy?
If they code...?
Is this list long?
What is your favorite movie?
Idk.. Phantom of The Opera!
What is your favorite video game?
Do you like video games? Yasss!
What is your favorite meal?chocolate?
Do you like polls? Yeah
Do you like being tagged? Meh
Do you like the forum? Kinda
How many stars would you give Hopscotch and the Forum overall?
Can you answer any more questions?
Do you like coding?
What projects, in Your opinion, are like-worthy?
Some of them
Are you friendly?
Are your hands tired?
Do you think this is the end?
What is your favorite number?
A number
Guess how long this took me to write!
Ooh I know! Pick me!
It took you more than a second.
How many drafts do you have?
Which one is most complete?
Do you have any ideas for projects?
How did you find Hopscotch?
My friend...
It's in my bio.
On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you are at coding?
Are you on the Friendly Mass Tag List?
If you could, would you add your voice to projects?
What is your like record?
Probably 14
How many features?
Are you still reading this?
How many likes do have on your first project?
Probably none..
What is the meaning of life to you?
I dunno yet
Do you play Minecraft?
Oh my gummy worm. How can i say no?!
How awesome are blue penguins?
Cute! Very awesome!
How awesome are rainbow penguins?
Ahhh so awesome!
How cute are penguins?
Super cute!
How cute are cats?
So cute!
What is your favorite game you've coded in Hopscotch?
Do you think those questions were Hopscotch related?
Who are your hopscotch friends?
Idk.... No one?
Have you made an animal related project?
How many people do you follow?
Have you made a potato-related project? Yeah.
Would you choose Minecraft or Terreria? Minecraft!
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So, this is a really old topic, but @Holly_Aarmau, do you live in Australia?? My best friend is named Holly and she likes Aphmau, and she’s from Australia. Just wondering…




(this is so old idk how ur brave enough to revive topics)