Q + A, No credit :(



Now this is really unlike me but quite a lot of people are doing Q and A and I was the original creator of this. Could people please give credit to me. I just am getting kind of annoyed. All you need to do is edit it and say..
Credit: @Bubblyoreo

So please give me some credit.


Yeah a whole lot of people have been doing it


I don't think it's okay to flag anyone because of that and Q&As aren't new – they've been on the community for a while :wink:


Yeah, it's not really nice to flag a post just because of that..

(P.S. I've had my AMA up for a week now, yours was only up four days ago)


I checked and nobody else had done it.


Ok sure! :wink: 202020202


That makes no sense because some people probably didn't see that you came up with it first so they don't really need to edit their post and give you credit for some Q&A topic.