Q&A! (gamergirlofgamers on hopscotch)



I'm starting a Q&A.


• You may ask me for my Country, Time Zone, and First Name. But no other personal info!!!

• Please ask reasonable questions

• stay on-topic


What country do you live in?


If someone does get off topic, can I do this?

- Phase


@Joewheels2 USA
@Phase_Studios yes, I will also put up this:


whats your favorite hopscotcher?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes ohhhhhhh.....that's hard.......I have 5.
(I'm tagging so they know)

In 1st place, @t1_hopscotch!!!! (She/he helps me ALL THE TIME!!!)

In 2nd place, @PressA2Equip!!!! (Her/his quizzes are the BEST!!!)

In 3rd place, @ILoveSmudgey!!! (She/He is just a really good person)

In 4th place, @Ihasfluffycupcakes!!! (You always have something on the forum to check out!!!)

In 5th place, @Rawrbear (just plain funny)

Everyone else, I'm being honest and not trying to harm ANYONE in ANY WAY!!!!


This is for most helpful..?


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@seawolfwerehorse try to find out how to say it
@Rawrbear wait what?!?? Lol


Do you believe in mermaids?