Q & A for Vanillapowder/deadfr


Hello guys! So I saw ppl making q and as like xiaomiaomi but I made my own one, so ask away!


Who is the person you admire most on hopscotch ?


Probably @Kiwicute2016 or @PopTart0219 and all of the @moderators and @Anonymous


Calling the mass FRIENDLY tagged list!!!


How do you get ideas for projects?


Ppl inspire me to make one like I want to make a drawing pad cuz of @PopTart0219 and @SmileyAlyssa!


And @EggsOnSaturn1!!!!


Please don't use tag lists for q and a's!


How often do you change your username? And I got your request done a week ago. Search for it; it's on our request topic.


Yeah I saw the request, well I change it a couple times if I want to!


Well, it seems like you change your name weekly! Thanks for answering my question!


Do you like legos?

Do you play roblox?

Do you eat strawberries?

Do you love hopscotch?