Q&A ask Tappy😉👆🏻мℓρ anything!


I dunno this seems like a trend, but ask me anything I'll try answer as soon as I can. Also, sorry for the inactivity!


19 + 10?
Most embassing moment/s


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Are you Illuminati confirmed?


My most embarrassing moment was when I was playing with bows, arrows and swords and my cousin started attacking me. I chickened out and hid in a corner, until I dug deep enough to get stuck and not come out until he pulled the desk away... :grin: :I


What's your fave project and what's your best project?


Yes I do play Minecraft! I also play Blocksworld! My name on both of them is Rachel2' (that's the name of my best friend...not Atlantica though...)


-confidential information-


Do you play Lifeboat SG on minecraft pocket edition?


As in, fakes, or you could kill each other?, real combat? Game?


My favourite project is my 'Random Art Generator' the project with the most likes for me (I think, I never check :stuck_out_tongue:) Is my 'Taking Requests' project. It's the one with my ver. of human cupcake. You can find it but searching taking requests. (I may post on here is you ask.)


Sorry no, but if you can, can you send me the server name and IP addr.ess? (It's censoredfor some odd reason...)


I don't understand what you mean...?


But u need user/pass?


U said u were playing with items that can kill!


No we were just messing around... He had a real sword though but we made it blunt.


We also took off all the tips from the arrows and put rubber on them. Kinda like playing paintball, we wore protection (because his mum made us) and it doesn't hurt if you get hit.


Just making sure, do you like tapping and winking?


Yes, yes I do! The winking is of how much of a trouble I make and the tapping? Well I like poking around with stuff..


19 + 10???????????