Q/A? Anyone got questions?


Anyone want to know something about me?


how old r u?


I’m 9. I really like some of your projects!


Let’s see, stare at your toes. What do you see?


My toes.
Oh wait ur not asking me


I see my toes. Anyone else?


like which ones? thank you though!!!


What is ur favorite movie


Probably Storks. If you haven’t seen it you can look it up. It’s really funny.


Oh. I guess we can’t be friends.

almighty hamill.


why kayro hah


What do you mean, Kayro?


Ok guys. I’m going to bed. Ask me some more Q 2morrow and I’ll give more A’s


Close your eyes and take in a big breath through your nos. What do you smell?


Just kidding! We may not be able to be best forum friends in da world cause fav movie is not in a certain saga. An 8 episode saga (so far). With Menace and Attack and Revenge and New Hope and Empire and Return and Awakens and Last cause that would be the best.



sophia ur questions tho​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nitrogen with a hint of…
Oxygen and hang on I think a little bit of argon and carbon something.

Almighty Hamill


How about sulfur oxide and airborne microscopic debris? I really can tell a lot about people’s personality from this.


Yeah a slight hint maybe.
I’m not sure.

That nitrogen is really strong though. Gosh I bet I could smell it a mile away


Just from your responses so far, I know that…

  • You have a sense of humor. Not trying to the point where it isn’t funny but trying hard enough to give us a smile.
  • You pay some attention in school
  • You aren’t timid