Q & A about the forum



So the title


Explains this

Someone asks a question ABOUT THE FORUM(nothing else) and someone answers it


  • No going off topic

  • Only questions about the forum

  • Don't be mean cause somebody doesn't know something

  • One last thing DONT TAG PEOPLE

I don't want tagging because someone will keep tagging someone and that person who got tagged will answer all the questions


Ok , as the first reply, this is a bit weird: How do you make that thing that hides text?


press the gear, then 'build spoiler'. Add the text you want between the two tags

Like this
Quote to see


Thank you :blush: :wink:


Yay first question answered


I've got a question
Who are the leaders at the moment?
I know @Anonymous got demoted


Let's see.

And then there's leaders like
That are just accounts that a leader made for fun


Cool! This will decrease some question topics! :smiley:


Umm..l what does OTML stand for?


OMTL stands for Official Mass Tag List. @PopTart0219 has a topic where you can add your name to the list. That is the tag list you should use, because that's the most recent. (I'm pretty sure, at least.)


Isn't that the point of the whole forum?


I think anonomous stepped down, they weren't demoted!


Well they were demoted, but only because they wanted to be. It is the same as "stepping down" ;)