Q&A ! About my hopscotch life!



Hi everyone! I am doing a Q&A , where you ask the questions and I tell answers! Rules down below.


It must be forum or hopscotch related!


Don't be afraid to ask anything!


How did you get into hopscotch?


What were you thinking when you were getting this app?


So, before my school iPad got updated , my HS did not work on there and everyone in my class was like I love this and I asked my dad in Nov. 2015 if I could download it on his iPad and he's like yeah, sure I don't care, because I was interested in what it would be like.


Lots of my friends of school loved it, so I decided to play it one day:D


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Have you ever tried to like your own project?


Yes. But I don't" like" my own projects that much


Oh, I never thought about that! :joy:


Any more questions? :joy: LOL


Do you like fluffy bears?


Yes! I love them a lot!


When did you learn about the forum?


People started posting on hopscotch about the forum and the HS team was like join the forum today!