Puzzle Riddel Challange



Hi guys, I decided to make a puzzle challange that will lead to a bunch of clues and then to the Treasure of the winner! This was inspired by @Gilbert189's similar topic! I will give the first clue and then the rest is yours to solve.... Here is the first letter inviting you to the University and the first clue......(This was also inspired by the First Book of The Maze Runner)

Dear Hopscotcher,
You have been invited to Code University Founded by @DreamyLemon, you must use your wits and intelligence to the maximum ability To find the last clue and treasure hidden by @admins, Meaning THT.. The treasure was hidden in the depths of hopscotch and the creators, Most people will leave as they are scared and petrified remember Win and you could WIN BIG,your Job is to get through the challenges are reach the prize before the others... There are a few stages to the task and only so much time to achieve sucsess, Your first clue is Time Flies Away
Good Luck


Feel free to join guys please... I have made all the clues but no one seems to be joining...


Can I join?
And it's unclear how you can join so maybe that's why.


You just say I join.. Ok try and solve the first puzzle


I join. That will be all.


Okie I join.
Sorry I was searching up a message hoax because my friend sent me a chain letter this morning.


What's your hopscotch name?


Don't have any projects because of Hackers I used to be quite popular..


Oh ok. I found you but I was confused when there wasn't any projects,