Puzzle ideas? For a game!


I need puzzle ideas for a game I am making called [TOP SECRET]. And I need ideas for a puzzle??????? It is a puzzle box game


As in jigsaw puzzle?


Ummm No a bit hard, the game has puzzles in it,so a kind of short but hard puzzle. The style is gloomy and mecanical


Anyone else?????? Please?????


Maybe connect the pieces of an object correctly, like CodingPhoenixâ„¢'s Voltage: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xmw53hsvr, but the pieces work only when another one that makes one of them work is connected to it.


Ummm I was trying to do that!


Am I a mind reader or?


Tehe! That happens to me a lot!



be very creative!!!!


Yes! I tried that...



Any more ideas?????????


Maybe you could make FNAF puzzles? Or if you're going for industrialism, maybe some sort of gear game? Or some sort of blacksmithing game? Use your imagination! :wink:


Yes thanks! I had an idea but When Not Touching left me like this: :triumph:


Here are some pictures for inspiration: (They actually help a lot! :wink:)

@seawolfwerehorse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love dark gloomy industrial art like these pics.
What about shadow creatures moving towards a character and you drag blocks in the path of the creatures to slow them down while your character is walking to an exit.


Hmmm The game is a Puzzle box...I should of said that in my topic :grimacing:


What about dragging colored blocks to touch eachother to make other colors.
Like drag blue to yellow to make green. A puzzle to make all block the same color by mixing colors?


This is my idea: