Puzzle/Clue Competition!


Okay! I've decided I should do another competition ! It's a puzzle and clue challenge! Basically, this is how it'll work:

So, I give a clue on the forum like "red ball". I might have a project associated with that, or there could be a Hopsoctcher with that name. Whatever that clue lead to would lead to a new one. Part of it would include finding some passwords for random accounts that I would make! There could be things hidden in some of my posts here, you never know what it is! In the accounts, I will monitor the drafts! To make sure nobody can cheat, at each clue, there will be a letter, phrase, or word. To win, you must come back here and post all the letters, phrases, or words.

This competition will be ongoing and competitive. There could be a new clue at any time, so if you think that you've found an answer, but there's nothing there, wait and see for a while!

This challenge will require problem solving skills and smarts. Some clues will be obvious, and some will be incredibly hard to find. I will accept anyone that I can, but I can't accept people after 4:30 PM EST tomorrow.

Prizes will be discussed after a winner is chose, but this is mainly for fun! Don't take it too seriously! :wink:

Friendly Mass Tag List!





I'll join! I love puzzles!


Ohh sure I will join!! Don't be surprised if I drop out though!


I'll join !


i'll join! Im not really good, but its good fun!


I'll try! But I'm not the best at puzzles.


I'll join if you want!


I will join! This sounds really fun. :D


Could I do it? I would love it!!


Would anyone else like to join? :smile:


Gilbert pls


@Gilbert189, docs please!

And I would LOVE to join!


I'll join!

I like guessing and puzzles! :smile:


I'll join even though I probably will be bad


Could I please join? I love puzzles!


Wow this sounds awesome! Can I join?


Can I join? :P


Can I Join? Please, I can't wait!


I'll join! Just, it's tankt2016 here, collab account here.


When do we start? :wink: 20202