Putting the forum in hopscotch


We should add the forum in the hopscotch app


  • Yes we should
  • No we shouldn’t
  • I voted by accident

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Maybe. I don’t know.


and what’s wrong with that?


What does that mean tho


Maybe a forum link could be like embedded next to projects with its link shared in a topic!


I’m not sure how embedding it with projects would work, but having as a help link would be easy for THT to do (I know that isn’t what you meant, but it might work)


That what I thought about too! Or maybe, they could just a small link somewhere in the app?




I mean, you replied to Rawrbear though


you know own the app at the bottom there are pages buttons maybe there could be a forum page in the app


We shouldn’t for multiple reasons,

  1. THT already have way to much on their hands, creating a discourse integration would take to long.
  2. The forum isn’t exactly Hopscotch. As you know, we end up talking about a lot of other things besides Hopscotch.
  3. Hopscotch is a super secure, super closed system and no matter how hard THT tries, they can’t make the forum that way too.


Do you like to rebell against me


u actually have really good points, wow Yusa Mac


No, I actually don’t. I’m just stating the facts.


Too much moderation for THT anyways


Maybe like a tab, with a feed of forum topics/posts could be good. But I am not sure if we should have the feature to create new topics/posts.

But, I sometimes feel that a lot of hopscotchers don’t know about the forum, so this could help with that.


I’d say no because I like this community much better than the apps community and the forum would be spammed and crazy with so much people