Put tutorials here!


In this topic, you post tutorials in how to do stuff!
As you may know, a lot of Hops post art tutorials in topics that were created by them, which sorta clogs up the forum, so, why not have it in one topic?
This was inspired by @Bubbles4Ever929
Made by MiracleShoutouts
Have fun!


Wouldn't it get kinda messy after a bit?


I never thought of that.


Well you could copy tutorials with credit to makers and keep them in the top post in [details]s :wink:



Good idea!

Computer is slow.


Remember to search before you post. :wink:
There is a topic about this :D


This is for everything, does your's have that?


Well you did not specify that it was for everything...XD


I will add that!




Yeah, I agree with this. Once many people post here, there will be quite a lot of tutorials and a bunch of scrolling.


Well, I replied to myself. :stuck_out_tongue: