Put an end to Gender Stereotypical Projects


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I don't get it what does stereotypical mean


What do you think



It means feeling biased towards the majority of society's opinions


I agree that stereotypes are an issue on Hopscotch, but it's not really aimed at either gender...If you're a boy, you could easily choose something else over a sport. All I'm saying is that in defending the stereotypes, you're stereotypically saying that girls are the only ones who like other things. Sorry if I sound rude. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this!:smile:


Thx for explaining Gilbert


Yes!! Finally I can keep on ranting about this.... :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
But honestly, people expect so much out of boys. We are all humans we can be anybody we want. We can be noobs, we can be athletes, we can be scientists. Drop the genders, we can do anything.
Round of applause for my motivational speech.


Please stop being rude and please make your own topic if you wish on your projects.


I have read the conversation, and all I really see is "Like a girl" which is awesome! But I also think that this issue is present to both genders.


It means boys HAVE to love cars and such, people with glasses like math and reading. It means saying that someone HAS to like something specific


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@Kiwicute2015 congrats for becoming a leader!


I agree. If a boy doesn't do sports my friends reaction is

Kinda not fair, not everyone needs to play sports.


I am a boy myself, but I feel for you. I think it's kinda wrong that some make it seem like, "Oh! I'm a girl! I can't do anything in life!" or, "I'm a boy! I'm better than you girl, DUH!". Girls are equally capable with boys, and at some tasks, they're even better. I think that boys and girls can both do very well. Those of you who talk like the previous quoted quotes, stop. Girls can do awesome things too.


I don't do sports, which is why I don't have any friends, everyone does sports in my school. probably that's why I got so hooked on coding, I was so lonely that I isolated myself and started to make things on computers. and that probably drove me crazy (I am a bit wonka in real life)

btw i'm a boy


girls can totally do amazing stuff, but u can't change the way the world thinks...


This isn't really related to the topic, but it kind of is, so I'll just share it.

sorry if off topic, but on topic of rumors, bully.ing, etc. so...

Today at lunch my friend told me [anon person] said I "talk down to them". I never even talk to [anon person].

on topic! : )

Even slang can be stereotypical. "Man up", "Stop being such a girl". And as for the projects, I'd pick blue over pink any day.


I would most likely to pick blue over pink too, but 1% of the time I would pick pink. And the thing is, I am a boy.

"Sorta off topic!"

I was about type girl!