Put an end to Gender Stereotypical Projects Again!


Continuing discussion from the last topic
(Since someone decided to intrude on it)


Gender surveys/quizzes (For everyone!)

I won't stop making these topics unless a mod or admin says so


I've been bullied because I like computers... Does that count


Sad as it seems... I have been


So put an end to only gender-stereotypical projects? Not race? Not any stereotype? Is this because I asked, "Aren't personality quizzes on Hopscotch also stereotypical?"


I suppose so, is that a stereotype amongst your school? Are boys ridiculed for having affection for such technology?
Why am I talking in such a sophisticated manner?


I guess soo. SOOO why are we talking about this. I like this conversation. But we can't put and end to this


I don't know you tell me XD


Again... @BuildASnowman And @t1_hopscotch These topics were related to hopscotch except people didn't care that this affected more people than others.


I'm talking hopscotch related quizzes
There is no
What race are you?


But hopefully you didn't just make that an idea :confused:



Wait @OrangeScent1 I might do a what character are you from Yandere simulator? Would that be ok?


I also found out that If you share common interests than you will decrease the bully's amongst the pupils of the school 2 fold


But that's what we're trying to prevent, isn't it?
Common ideas being the only thing allowed in the community


I have also found out that if you don't want people mean to you... Don't be mean to them #goldenrule


But it's not stereotypical it's just characters from a game?


Continuing the discussion...

I have read the conversation, and all I really see is "Like a girl" which is awesome! But I also think that this issue is present to both genders.


Exactly. Boys are bullied just as girls are,


That's fine
You don't need to ask me about what quizzes are good and bad, you decide :stuck_out_tongue:


You are so right.