Purpy and Dozzy's Topik (pokémon, minecraft, fuzzy fanbase, and toontown)


This is @doZqoh and @PurpleStorybook's topik.

About Dozzy

I live in California.
I speak Mandarin, English, and Bokbok. Don't ask.
I'm heterosexual (straight).
I pride myself on being able to jump around and sh.oot people in Minecraft.
One of mai best friends IRL is @PurpleStorybook.
I get annoyed when Pokémon Go drains my battery. But it's fun. Then my battery dies and I can't play Pokémon Go at all.

About Purpy

I live in California.
I speak Mandarin, fluent Sarcasm, and English.
I'm heterosexual (straight).
I pride myself on correct speelin and gremarr.
One of mai best frens IRL is @doZqoh.
I get annoyed when people ask me for personal information.


Hi PSB! Thanks for Tagging me!




Make sure to use < and > instead of [ and ] for small stuff.

Also, are you doing anything hopscotch related here?


Why is your name PurpleStorybook? What would you add to HS?


Sorry, I gotta do some of my dang homework... Be back in about 30 min!


Oops. Lol. Um, I was going though the options and saw something like AgileStorybook and PurpleDonut or something and decided welp why not?? C:

@Pingu thanks!
are you gonna flag me? me forgot xD


Hi @PurpleStorybook! :D
How's laif?

Pingy won't flag you, but try to talk more about hopscotch related things! You can talk to others about coding, what your coding, and we can tell you!

It's ok to get a little off topic but when you get really off topic try to change the subject to something more related! :D




Lol... yeah... hehe They should change < small > to < smol >


OOOOOOO YESSS I just got MEMBER :smiley: Any other things? Like... uh... how do you make an OMTL/what's the OMTL??


Any art requests? Pixel art request? :upside_down: plez I'm bored


I'm gonna change mah username on HS, okeh?


I'm changing it to... uh...




Yay I wasn't forgotten!




hello, I am @Fusions nice to meet you!


Hey guys, thanks for replying!1!1! :DD


Hey @PurpleStorybook! You need some FREE art tips?:wink: