Purplefying Profile Pics for DOS



I invented a new word- purplefy!

For tomorrow's DOS, I will make your picture purple! I may not have time to do all requests but I will try! I'll also hopscotchify your profile pic for Hopscotch's birthday!


Cool word @LazyLizard!
Purple is one of my favorite colors! Besides yellow, teal, orange, white, and very light grey!


I'll use that. Purple's my favorite color.

I don't think my profile pic can be purple-fied but I was about to change it... So... BRB APRIL FOOLS I love my profile pic


Can you do one for me? With a rainbow background?


Would you like for me to do your picture?


I'll try! My resources aren't top notch, but I'll try!


This is cool! Imma make a purple smiley face for my picture!


Cool! I'm almost done with a second one! Purplefication is skill!


Yea, I'm currently trying to finish my profile pic


Actually, @LazyLizard I'm interested to see my profile pic purplfied :D


Fun In The Sun

I tried my best and added purple confetti! @Fun_in_the_Sun!


The shirt was challenging do I used an indigo shade of blue. @Bubbles4Ever929


Do you like my purplifying skills? They are nothing compared to @LazyLizard! But here:


Ya, who likes my purplefying skills


Sorry but I like my profile pic the way it is...


LOL, it's not even April fools day!


Wow, your great at.. um... purplefying! If you can't do a request, let me know, I can do some.


Nope, no purple for me. I already have rainbow!


Can you hopscotchify this?

Or you can make it purple, I would prefer hopscotchifying it because I don't support LGBT but I'll try to participate in DOS(only for a few hours tho) but you can Purplefy it....


I'm gonna purplefy mine.

It was pretty easy


My method:

1) Take picture.
2) Virtually scribble purple on it.
3) Done.


Is mine okay?