Puppylulu's General Topic! (It is about time I make one)


Hello lil' frens, and welcome to my general topic!

Any hopscotch ideas? Or any comments about my posts? And could somebody please tell me how many likes some of my projects have. I am not on the app anymore... So sad -_-


sup pupper :DD

welcome to the "way late in the general topic trend" club XD


I'm more in the middle of the trend.


Hehe. Thanks for da greetings! I look like a duck


Can someone on the hopscotch app tell me how many likes I have on my park map project?


here's some cookie cake:


SO yummy and tasty! :yum:


You got 35 likes! :D It's an awesome project!


Profile picture voting! Please only choose one.

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Thanks so happy! Thank you so much for telling me! Did it get on trending?


I'm not sure...I don't check trending very often :/


Okay... Let's be frens okay?


@Puppylulu I don't think it got on trending. : (




Oh well. Who cares it still has 35 likes!


That's better than any of my projects! :+1:🏼:+1:🏼


:grin: so happy lets all be happy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Should I make my dog my profile pic?


@Kitkat26 will you vote for my profile pic please?


Absolutely! I voted for the one shaking its head.