Puppylover111's general topic!


Hello. I've see lots of peeps in the community have been making a general topic bout them self. So I be doing it too. :-). This is a AMA (ask me anything) topic and stuff like that.
Also for peeps who want meh for somethang.
So yeah.
Go ahead peeps.
Go fourth and conquer
and eat chakin...


How did you get your username? :3

I'm also out of likes so here:



Omg. You be @Maltese... :DDDD

Well, I really like puppies, when I first started Hopscotching I was Puppylovergirl​:dog:, but I changed my name because there were a lot of those 'I'm gonna guess ya gender' games. So I'm puppylover990 now. I was a big Puppy lover but now I like other things. I don't wanna change meh name again. I still like puppies but now I've got one. I LOVE HER TO BITZ THO!!! Thanks for asking.


Cool! :3

You're welcome! :3

Just tag me if you need anything! ;D


Hi general topic lol.