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Welcome to the forum! Tag me @Stylishpoopemoji33 if you need any help!


Ask @tankt2016 on how to use the forum, her help koi’s very useful. Also, check #faq for other info.


Anyone here? Because I am. I heard that @tankt2016 can give u tips now I know
about the forum!! :dog::dog::dog:


Hey @puppy_love01! I think I just followed you on hopscotch. Was it you?


There are a few useful topics for new users, namely on this topic:

This topic, your GT, is a place for any updates about yourself or little things you do. That way, you do not need to make duplicate topics for an update.


Hello and welcome to the forum! Other people above already posted some useful help, but feel free to ask me or anyone else if you ever need more help! :slight_smile:


It was. I followed u to!!


OMG I was featured!!!




Hi! Welcome to da forum of awesomeness! I’m Houseelf87. You can always tag me like @Houseelf87 if you ever need help! : ))


wowser this place is neat


I’m so excited!!! But I’m starting 2 calm down :wink:


Anyone on??? It say I have to have 20 letters


I’m on

Also to bypass that 20 letters rule, use this trick.

Just put random letters inside. No punctuation (except for periods), no numbers or symbols.


Hi I nominated 2 projects 4 featured!! @Stylishpoopemoji33 I nominated your projects because u told me u wanted 2 get featured!


Thanks so much! That means a lot. You don’t have to do any more. That’s good. Thanks!


You’re welcome I love doing stuff for other people (and puppies)


I’m on. I just became a member because I got a badge for it.


Today is my B-day!!! I’m 14!!!


Happy bday! I’m only 11. Have a great day!