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Hi I’m Puppy_love01!! Yay I joined the forum!!

Hey I don’t get the forum can someone help me

Hi. Welcome to the forum. You made a couple topics (walking my dog, I’m new to the forum) that could go better in here. If you ever need help with things like that just ask me.
I hope you have fun here. Mention me if you need any help.
I haven’t done this in a while hehe. Can’t believe I beat @tankt2016


Welcome to the forum uwu it’s okay here


Hi there @puppy_love01, tag @tankt2016 if ya need help with being on the forum


Welcome to the forum!
Here’s some links to topics that could be helpful.

Tag me @tankt2016 if you need any help!


Thank u 4 the welcome!!


Hi, nice to meet you!

Welcome to the forum!


Hi everyone like I said before I’m so happy to be here!!


Hey I’ve been hopscotching 4 2 years but today is my first day on the forum


Hello and welcome to the forum. If you need anything then tag me @BabyButterfly. Here is a good topic to visit also @tankt2016 may be able to help you

Or this one


I came to the forum in almost the exact same way!


just saying hi :wink:


Hi there…unfortunately General Topics are maxed at 1 per user.


Never mind it was merged…


In this topic is your GT. This is where you can post random stuff within the community guidelines. You do not need to keep making new topics, and can post whatever you need to here.


Hi there, @puppy_love01!
I am GweTV!
Tag me for anything!


Thank you for recommending my topic!

Also, @puppy_love01, welcome to the forum! I hope we can become friends :blush: Let me know if you need anything.


Yo welcom to the forum @puppy_love01 !!

I’m @FearlessPhoenix, tag me if you ever need anything


Hi @puppy_love01
I love your profile picture!
Welcome to the Forum!


Thanks!! You guys r the best :slight_smile: