@PumpkinGirl's and @Allyb's Collab



Hey, @PumpkinGirl! Would you like to be my coding partner? (if you don't have one already)


Sure, I've never really had a coding partner! :smile:


Would you like to be my fren aswell? I barely have any hopscotch frens


Of course! What sort of game would you like to make?


I'm not sure! We could create loads of things I guess. We could create an account without an email and we can work on drafts on HS. By the way is that allowed?


It is allowed but it would be easier to trade drafts
What's your username on hopscotch?


What do you mean? How do you trade drafts?
EDIT: My username is Allyb


Btw do you want to come up with a nickname?


Well you could publish the start of the game and then I would remix it with something extra added on :smile:
Would you mind if I changed the name of the topic to @Allyb and PumpkinGirls Collab?


No problem. That actually sounds like a better name! :joy::sweat_smile:


What's your username on HS?


Perfecto!! Go raibh maith agat :laughing:


You can call me....... Pumpkin?


My username is Pumpkin Girl


Thanks Pumpkin. When should we start creating projects? Will we start out with a website to tell everyone about our group? By the way can you make scrollable ones? (I can't! :wink:)


I can the scrolling and coding stuff and perhaps you could do the designing?


Yeah, I'm better at that then all the complex things :laughing:. Go iontach


Or if you want we could start straight on game?
If we are doing a game what type of game would you like the most?


Maybe like a Roleplay with all the HS characters?


That's a great idea! We could start with a menu and when you click play you could choose your character!