Pumpkin Pixel Art



I am making a pixel art pumpkin. This is my first pixel art and I want to see if you guys have any tips. I’ve already started it. Thank you!


Can’t wait to see it!


Awesome! One of Dylan’s tips is to make an ability for each color.


If you want to make your pixel art faster. Replace any change x or change y blocks with set pos blocks


I’d recommend that you label every object and keep VERY organized. It can get pretty messy if you don’t. Make a custom rule for each color and each line. If you want something to look at, find one of my pixel arts and see how I organized stuff.


I’ve got no tips, sorry, but tag me when you’re done, and I hope it comes out good! : D


This is how far I am…

I just have to add a face!

I know this is a SUPER slow way to do this but, oh well.


Looks good! Excited to see the finalized version!


That looks really good so far! I am not too good at pixel art at all, so I don´t have any tips. But like @tankt2016, I would really like to get tagged when you have finished the pixel art (and also for any updates as well)! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I am super busy today so I won’t be able to get anything done.