Pumpkin Carver - Halloween Game



I have made an official big Halloween project and it is published right now! It is called “Pumpkin Carver - Halloween Game” and is a game where you carve pumpkins in a game that you can play as long as you want. Keep delivering pumpkins and buying shop upgrades to upgrade your pumpkin shop. I think that it is really cool, but I want your feedback too!

Can I give feedback?

You can! I really want feedback, just reply to this topic or my general topic.

Will this game get updated?

Yes, it will probably be that, but as it is my official entry for the #HHC17 challenge, I will probably not publish an updated version for the challenge.

Can I remix your project?

Yes, you can of course do that. If you want, you can add code and edit the project too.

Where can I find the project?

You can play the game here:

You can also see it on my profile “William04GamerA”



I love it! It’s awesome, already nominated it!

Also… why doesn’t the O mouth every appear for me?


That is weird, but as there are two options, you’ll probably have to wait. Or, you just found a bug. I don’t know.

Anyways, thank you so much for nominating it and for liking it!


Yeh I went through at least 25-50 pumpkins and didn’t get it at all. Hmmm


It doesn’t work… It won’t let me deliver pumpkins…


Weird. I just checked it now and it worked for me. Try restarting the project.
@Dylan329 I got the “O” mouth twice, so it is not a bug:


@William04GamerA Ok, got it…


Oh now it worked, maybe because now, I skipped the tutorial, i didn’t get any when I didn’t skip the tutorial


Good :+1: I am glad that you figured it out.

So yeah, the tutorial might cause some bugs somehow, so just try skipping the tutorial if you find any bugs.


That’s a cool idea!
Maybe add achevements and, say, white or teal pumpkins?


Great game, but I think the intro is a little long and when it got to “This person doesn’t want a craved pumpkin” it wouldn’t change and kept saying the same order. Sorry if I offended you in anyway other than those problems I liked it.


Carve* sorry


I say teal because the teal pumpkin is to signal that the house has non-candy options for those with restrictions, like me


Sometimes you only get the O mouth, and sometimes it’s always the other one. The tutorial changes too quickly for me to be able to read it all.


@William04GamerA (sorry for tagging you on your own peoject)
I fixed the bug with the mouth.
It shouldn’t choose one mouth for the whole time now.


this is a really cool game!! a few errors i noticed were that

  1. the home screen looks a little crowded
  2. the instructions are going too fast, i can’t read them
  3. “it’s not just you that are working in the shop” ??


i would also like maybe a few more options beside eyes and mouth. i think this game is really fun overall-10/10


Thank you everyone for your feedback! There are sadly a few bugs, but I am proud of the game and I am happy that you like it too!

Wow, that would be cool! That’s a really good idea!

The intro could be shorter, and you might have to skip the tutorial to get rid of some of the bugs.

Sorry for that! I could read the tutorial if I read it fast, but I agree, it could possibly be a little slower.

Yes, I put most of effort into the game and I could have made the title screen a little better.

Yeah, once again, I could have made them a little bit slower.

Okay, are you talking about the possible grammar mistake (“it is not just you that is working in the shop”), or are you meaning that the sentence is a little weird? I thought that the bubble that tells the customer’s order would be “the second worker or the second system”), but that might be a weird sentence.

I also thought that the game could have some more options. But thank you for the amazing overall rating!

So, thank you everyone for all the feedback!



Thank you @Liza @awesomeonion and the rest of THT for choosing my project as one of the HHC17 contest winners - I am super happy. Thank you so much! All of the projects in the challenge are really cool as well!