Pulsation Feedback



I recently made a project, and it uses pulsating objects! How it works is if you look in the code, there's an invisible text moving up and down from y-coords 0-100. The objects that pulsate use the y-pos of the text as the pulsating variable, and then in the objects' code, I divided the var by a number for the amount of intensity the pulse is, and I added it with a certain number for the base size. Not too complex, in my opinion!

Here's the project link.

Does the pulse look good? Anything I can improve on?

Who I'd LOVE feedback from:

Thanks a lot :smiley:


Wow, your project is really cool. I think it's great! Awesome idea. :smiley:


Thanks a lot! :smiley:


@Zachyswag made the original image, by the way!


Really good KJR!! Great job!


That looks really cool, great job!


@Intellection74, I fixed the lag as much as I could in your remix of my project. It's about 1.25-1.5x faster, but it'll have to do. Unfortunately, constantly changing colors causes a lot of lag. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y9bqyizm6

If you look in the code, all I did was put the "Set Color" in the main pulse forever loop, and I put the "change H variable" into the 2nd blank text. It does make it slightly faster, though unfortunately, unless you create an image animation, it can't and won't get any faster, unless you get a new iPad Pro. :laughing:


@KVJ and @bluedogmc-official, thanks guys! :smiley:


That's awesome! Good thinking about the lag problem.

Haha. A remix of a remix. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really cool project!

Surprising, it worked on my android


It worked in the web browser? :0


At first it crashed at first. ..
But anyways I like how it grows!


That's awesome! :smiley:

Thank you! :grin:


Woah... this is so awesome!!! It's is so cool, and really creative!:smiley: Awesome job!! :clap::clap::clap: I love how it looks like it's pulsing!


Thanks a lot! :smile:


Actually, I didn't make the image. @EP125 made it. I was just spreading the word! :wink:


The effect looks awesome.
It sort of looks like the top view of a trampoline when bouncing up and falling down.


Oh, true! Didn't actually think of that! That actually gave me an idea, give me a bit of time...


@Intellection74, I figured out how to make it faster, and it's extremely simple. If it's going 1.25x slower, just make it increase the sine variable by 7.5 instead of 5. How I didn't think of it before is out of my mind :laughing:



It's a trampoline, but I can't get the outside ring to align itself. Could you help me if you can? It's the best circle unicode I could find as well :\