Pull up in a g (general topic)



Hold up, hold up, hold up (What)
Let me catch my breath (Yeah)
Let me count these checks (What)

Flex on my Ex (Yeah)
I don't got no respect (I don't, I don't)
Break up in a text (What?)
Pull up in a G (Yeah)
T3 fly off in a jet (vroom!)

This is related cause it's my general topic my bros


Hi Ella


Yo bro

I might do you ex, that's on god


Hi Ella!
@Cash I thought u left?


Hey brooo

Habe u joined our forum?


I've been on for over 100 days, if that's what you meant.
But if youre talking about hanging out with you, then yes.



I mean me and cash made our own forum





I would be careful if I were you

Don't give out your email to random people. It's extremely dangerous.


We didn't give out our emails.


Wait who gave out their email?
No one? Or... i'm confused.


We didn't give out our emails



U wanna join my bro


Most of the time to make an account on something you have to give an email.


Gosh Darn it

I have hockey tomorrow


It's not like we are gonna look at it

Common sense


I'm not saying I don't trust you, but I'm also not saying I trust you.
Best way to be safe is to almost trust nobody
No offense, it's just true


Off my general topic please if u r just gonna be mean


I'm not trying to be mean. I was warning someone cause I read the other topics about the forum and didn't like the idea. I would warn them no matter who made it, not particularly you.

It's your general topic, so if you want me to leave I will. Bye :wave:


Wait like you made an actual website


But isn't it not allowed?