Wanna help us on PMR Project? Wanna give ideas or help find ingame bugs? Well here's the place!

So If You Want To Join The PMR Community Than Put Your Name Below And You Will Get Tagged In All Newsupdates And ShoutOuts And Even PreLaunches To The Game Put Your Tag Below!!!

And If You Want To Help On The Project Tag me And I'll Give You The Games (Growing) Itinerary!


PMR is a huge collab that multiple people have contributed to, when we republish it in a few months and it goes on featured in dedicating it to all that have helped because it's no longer

MY game

It's everyone who has contributed to its game!


The topics not on wiki...

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What do u mean? I'm confussled

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If you want people to edit their name by themselves it has to be on wiki

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Put Your Name Below For Updates!

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Hello? Help meh please what's wiki

You aren't Regular so you can't put things in wiki edit ;-;

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Lol I just have this dumb idea

There should be a sequel called Pug Mug Slug

On a serious note I'd like to join but yknow you'd have to add me yourself

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Well so if I can't make things wiki then please just list your tag maunually I'm sorry lol

Lol pug Mug slug! Love it maybe I can add in a special level that only appears like 1-100 times with slugs

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@Petrichor you there???


I'm where?

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Well on the forums but anyways you wanna continue helping on ye old pmr?

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You can stop now.
One more time and I'm emailing THT.

Just sayin', these people are amazing and did nothing to you.

Thank you for being so kind to everyone. Your positivity is very much appreciated!


Guys this is my game topic.... can y'all take it off of it because I like my game topic and would prefer it not to get locked up in forum jail

I agre flag him on this topic yes the post will stay but when he gets baned it will remove them

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Sorry but I don't care I mean I might wanna help you out because I see your very furious...but then you made a topic just about me calling me something that I shouldn't be called...

No shame XD no shame.

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Rip my loved pug Mug Rug topic I hope you find your way out of forum jail I'll miss you buddy ol pal