Publishing Problems Plz Help


Help! All of a sudden I can't publish anything! What should I do?


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You know when you publish a draft there's a "publish" button? It vanished!


screen shot please..


:flushed: don't know how to post a picture


thats okay! so just press the arrow with the bar under it and then select a option the select the pic then upload



you have to press play then it will show the publish button


Sorry that was a random example I deleted my other draft


oh thats okay :smiley:



See? I'm so confused.


You need to have code in it for it to show up..


Hmm... I published some without code before.


Probably before the update that changed that, then.


@CreativeCoder is right you need to put one block of code in or else it will be considered spam


I tried it and it worked. Thanks! Still confused, but that was helpful. :slightly_smiling:


There is a rule that means a project has to have at least 1 block in it to stop spamming!


Or chat, but it doesn't really work :P