Publishing Ideas And!


  • search through drafts
  • search through published projects
  • folders for drafts
  • folders for published
  • EXTRA! Transfer abilities from project to project
  • all of the above!


Thank you @t1_hopscotch, as I saw the code you used to make this!


I voted for all of the above


I did all of above. That is cool! What did you do to make the vote?


@teddyweddy23 try looking here:

Also, @liza @alish @asha and @ian I hope you like this idea!


Thanks @SoapyBubbles!


@soapybubbles, very cool!

of course, we'd love to do all of the above features :100: but unfortunately we only have so many engineers and designers...our team is 9 people right now. :open_mouth:

I'd love to know what the most desired features are (besides "all of the above").
Would you mind re-doing the survey without "all of the above" as an option? That way we can see what the most desired features are :smile:



@asha Great idea! I was one of the all of above people.


@asha good idea! I didn't think of that! Will do now!



Whoops! I hadn't noticed that you made a new poll @SoapyBubbles so you can check that one out instead. Click here to go to the new one.

I'll leave this down here for your benefit anyway:

What feature(s) would you like to be added the most?

Awesome! Unfortunately I don't think it lets you edit a poll once it has been posted, maybe because it messes with the results. In case it doesn't let you, here's a re-edited version of the poll.

I made it multiple choice also, so you can choose more than one. All you have to do is add type=multiple into [poll], like this:

[poll type:multiple]

And since you can choose all if you really wish to, I got rid of the "above all option" :smiley: