Publishing Glitch?! Help!



About half of the times when I try to publish a project, it doesn't let me publish it. I hit the publish button, and then it goes and clears my work! I finished a request (I really loved it. It was one of my favorites) and when I go to publish it, it just disappears and goes back to my project, right when I hit the publish button. And this has happened a lot! Help @Liza @Ian


It never happened to me


It has happened to me!
I almost cried when I finished a REALLY good request!
Does it happen continuously?


Yeah! I was super sad because it was a really good one!


I feel your pain :grimacing:
Try restarting your iPad all together.
It worked for me.
Wait, do you have an iPad Air? (Just curious)


Yeah, iPad Air. I published one and it worked.....


Oh no I think this is a glitch @PopTart0219