Publish projects-safer than public collabs accounts


@Hoppertoscotch had some projects they and others were working on deliberately deleted by someone as a prank because the username/password to the collab account is freely available for anyone to see on the forum.If you collab on a project with others, it's better to publish your work and have others add to the project and have their work published as a remix. This way work done by members of the collab won't be deleted.


I really wish I knew about these kind of people before.....


I [don't love] to say it, @Stradyvarious, but i considered the outcome you have described to be inevitable. Not that i think it's acceptable, but i knew it to be just a matter of time before someone lost work or had work sabotaged on one of these community accounts because of the infinite trust level those accounts have. It's just too utopian, i'm sorry to say. That's the reason i haven't gone there.

Guys, I know how frustrating it can be to lose work due to some unavoidable or unforseen technical problem or an honest mistake, but to lose it because of a spiteful act can really take the wind out of your sails. I hope that hasn't happened to you. I hope those involved will just take what they've learned and go forward.

In the mean time, i still wonder whether there can ever be a good channel for private, but guaranteed safe, communication and collaboration between willing and well-meaning coders. I'm not seeing any simple work-arounds that are easy to administer. Are there any good ideas out there? I mean, it would really be fun to work with someone on a project - i just don't see how.


If there was a collab icon that could be clicked and you enter an account username/password and click members names and click to send to members private message box then only those selected members would receive the username/password and the forum rules won't be violated as their conversations can be done on the cloud drafts of their hopscotch account @Liza could you consider making something like this?


It's sad to see someone deleting a project as a prank :frowning: I really hope that that wasn't the case and maybe check again to see if you can find the project, but if not that's very mean-spirited.

Specialised collab accounts would be really cool but I'm concerned if they're private and hidden to everyone else, it may be hard to tackle things like hurtful behaviour or personal info sharing if there is no one else to see and report it. Of course the people involved could report it as well but with personal info, if both people are willing to share, it will be unlikely that either of them will report it.


I know. I quit the collab channel because of it. The person who did it can do it again if they memorize the username and password. The people who have it, are the only people that have it unless they give it to someone. The thing about the report thing, if they are both doing it, they won't report it, but no one would find it because it's private.


What if, as a new feature, Hopscotch saved your recently deleted drafts for like a week or something? I know the Apple photos does this so maybe it could be done on Hopscotch too. Then if your drafts are deleted you can get them back, and if they're deleted again you have to wait 7 days for them to truly be gone.


Really good idea! Hopscotch should do this.


I agree that deleting a collab as a mean joke or prank is rude. the hopscotch forum rules should have a "no deleting other hopscotchers collabs unless they are okay with it" rule.


@Ihasfluffycupcakes good idea. But that might make them want to it more because they said not to do it.


Well if hopscotch let us use our emails and tell each other our email addresses then we could send our username and passwords with those people we trust privately.


Then maybe there could be a brand-new button in hopscotch called: "recently deleted" and if someone does hack a collab account and you notice, then press that button so you can see the projects and drafts you deleted, and go to the project/draft, and press "recover" to undelete it.


@Ihasfluffycupcakes but what if they delete the progress but keep the draft


That would be a good idea for keeping it private @Joewheels2 :smiley: but I think it's safer to do it with people you know in real life, like friends at school, since email addresses are personal info


@t1_hopscotch or you can have a private chat option and you privately chat


and some people dont have email!!!


If they do that is... Also we can make special emails just for all this stuff.