Public request (Testing a method for betatesting, please help me with it)


Hi guys! I know this is some nonsense stuff but please help me! I am experimenting with a method to make projects betatested only (I mean, not in your public profile). Please try to open this project (a project with a single arch) and let me know if it works.
(The title was Experimenting btw)

Please just open the project and if you see an arch, please tell me. Thanks!


First the screen was black, the after restarting it it was an arch


Please check if the project was in my profile. Thanks!


What is your profile name?


The same, kenlauescuadro.


It was not in your profile...


Umm. Did the project in the link work? (Not mad, just my style in speaking, sorry!)


It did work 100 percent.


So the method was working..... This might change Hopscotch Project Betatesting...... demonic laugh

Um. Sorry, got a little bit carried away. Sorry!


I am testing this link now. :smile:


So, I just took a screenshot, but I could not do anything. It was just a black arch.


Beta tester of my projects?
If yes, of course! (um..... I'll think about hiding the link :P)


Thanks! What was the black arch project about anyway?


I am testing a way for people to make their projects private but can be opened by those who have the projects' links! This might be helpful in betatesting projects when you don't know if there is a bug or something.


Ok. :D