PSB's Game Show!


So... who wants to join? @Explorer_? @Maltese ? @Bananadog? @KVJ?
First 5 to respond get in. Question is an example, it doesn't have to be right.

What's my favorite color? Seems easy.... LOL


Sure I'll do it! I have one too I gtg


Lol should I participate?

People In:


Green? Blu? Red? (Easy, it's PURPLE. DUH) btw I will be happy to partake in this game show! :3


LOL BUTTERBARK GOT IT it's Purple! Nobody would ever have guessed >:slight_smile: When I get 3 more ppl, I'll start it...


Okay. XD (I am already BEASTING this!)


Or it could be a two person game show... xD


I'll join I guess. :smiley:


YEY! Thanks guys!
New question idea already here... 2 spots left


@DreamerGirl? @smishsmash? Please? :frowning: :grinning:


Test question no 2.
What is my favorite musical? This one's harder >:slight_smile:


@ButterBark @Explorer_ @EP125 Lol sorry for ■■■■■■■■ ur activities but I'm new I literally joined forum yesterday xD
What's my favorite musical?


Um... Music? XD sorry, IDK



Lin-Manuel Miranda


Oh I cant answer it sorry! I gtg


Okay, that's fine. Answer when u can it I gtg too.

Hint 2
I imagined de.ath so much it feels more like a memory


I don't think those things are appropriate for the forum :grimacing:


Lol yeah maybe I should edit that??


Text to add up to 20 charsssssssssas ok there


Do you wanna join? @KVJ? :grimacing: