PSA: Don’t make polls that you already know the answer to


Ok I don’t know why this is happening, but I have seen a recent trend in this sort of thing. And every time I see something like this I am like: “What’s the point of this poll?”. An example of this is someone on the art topic might be asking if people want them to take requests. I mean come on, of course people are going to want to take requests from you! Is there really a point? Why would people not want someone to take requests?
I have a few other examples:
Should I make a project about this topic?
Should I make this themed topic?
Do you guys want to see more art of mine?
Do you guys like Hopscotch?

I mean really, people don’t need to be making these kinds of polls, of course people are going to want to see more art of yours, people don’t care if you make a specific topic, it’s your choice. Don’t ask people if they like Hopscotch.

I know this sounds like a rant (and it probably is at this point) but I am just trying to say that people should think about what they are asking when it comes to polls.

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Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy
What do you like about hopscotch

I agree, though I think that it’s fine for people to post those types of things on their GT’s.
Otherwise, they simply clutter the topic.


Yes just don’t clutter high traffic areas on the forum like the Drawing Topic


Yep. It does get annoying after a while.


That must be a pain… having so many random polls for no reason


do you guys agree with this topic?

  • yes
  • no
  • oh hey wait
  • i see what u did there
  • cg im going to personally end you

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sorry i had to ;p
i think a really good point is made here, if there is an obvious answer tour poll, maybe think about if its rlly neccessary?


I agree!People are clogging the forum for no reason!


I haven’t seen to many of those polls, but I agree with you. The type of polls you are talking about can potentially clutter topics.


But what if Kayro.exe stops working and I need to ask for people’s opinion on what to do even though I probably wont do any of them?
Or if I want to draw some characters but I don’t know which?
Or if… yeah I kinda get what you mean but I have a counter!

Kayro’s horribly written counterpoint because why should she be able to cheer on her fellow classmates when they do an amazing speech?

Anyways, many artists don’t just ask if they should do requests they ask if they should do something like a re draw rather than a forum drawing. For example chikengirl made a poll once and it was like what shoulds I drew? -requestos -re draw trash -forum drawo -art style thingy (not exact words but ya get the just) would that be useless???.???

(I mainly wrote this cause I’m both bored and awakened (blame da force))


Yes. Those polls are fun, but they really just make the forum clogged. Approx. 2 seconds are wasted every week on a useless poll. It’s annoying and a waste of a precious Blurp (read the book).

However, those polls are often used as jokes, so… Why would you not let a good joke make merry laughter?


You mean Vulgar the Viking and the battle of burp?


The Tappper Twins Go Viral by Geoff Rodkey
Blurp is a social media platform in which all videos are two seconds long. The videos are called Blips.


I agree with this!!!


What a nice linear poll


I think that what you’re saying is different than what HopscotchRemixer was saying, but you have a good point too.


I agreed agree agreeing agreed


Not sure, I honestly don’t know.


Trust me, it’s happened before. Kayro.exe crashes a lot actually.


Why does this topic have so many likes?