Pros & Con's Of Hopscotch And the Hopscotch Forum



Pros: Really easy to work with code and fun.
Cons: Not that much game tutorials


Pros: Fun to communicate with other coders
Cons: You have to wait for quite a while until your topic is posted.

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i don’t wanna be mean but this is sort of a pointless topic :0


The reason that you have to wait for your topics to get posted is because you are new on here. The proccess is automatic in order to prevent bots and spam. Just keep using the forum and those limits will disappear. Depending on how active you are, it should only take a day or two.


Welcome to the forum!

Unless you have the subscription, but tutorials aren’t necessary.


Thank you for the advice. I also emailed THT so that was another explanation but your advice was for more understandable!



Search their YouTube channel – they have tutorials there even though the YT channel is a little old