Propose projects to be on Featured?



@Liza @Ian @Asha @discourse @system @t1_hopscotch @alish this is something you guys need to be on. This is a topic where you send links of a project to be in Featured and HT has to approve of it.
Is this project:
-On Hopscotch?
-A game, video, or art? (Art can be songs, Google, keyboards)
-Have at least 5 characters and at least 10 rules in all?
-Is funny, colorful, or has emojis or sounds?
-Username and name of project?


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@t1_hopscotch isn't a part of the Hopscotch Team, even though s/he is a great coder :wink:


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That's what I was saying in the featured projects chat. There are a lot of good projects out there that are even better than some of the previously featured projects. What bugs me is that the same people get featured over and over again. Once again, back to the Featured Projects topic. I have a list of some to. I do know someone that is going to make something cool. Maybe I'll put it on here.


What if the project does not use emojis? Often I don't use emojis because they do not add to a minimalist design! Sound is not always good ether


@friendship2468, I like what you are trying to do here. I think it's very nice of you to try to promote attention for what you consider to be clever, but otherwise unnoticed, code from other Hopscotchers.

I don't want to be subversive, but there may be another strategy that you can use - another "hack" if you will. I don't know for certain, but you may be able to get the attention of whatever algorithm it is that puts projects into the "trending" category, simply by repeatedly loading and "playing" them. Load, play, exit, load, play exit... Presumably, that causes the "plays" counts to increase, which, it stands to reason, could result in getting them onto the radar of the "trending" category. Well, this and "liking" the projects, of course.

I know, I know: it sounds insidious to do this. I agree, but (1) it's a very common strategy that I suspect is already at work and (2) it might actually require less manual attention from the HT, as compared with them having to closely monitor a forum thread. They seem to have a lot going on.

Think about it and use with discretion, I suppose.


I never do that @oio on purpose. Sometimes I go into projects many times, but just to test something out.


This is really nice of you @friendship2468 and in fact you can email the Hopscotch Team about any cool projects you've seen. I've done this before and just let them know about any awesome projects I've seen while browsing through the Community.

The project doesn't have to be super complicated or anything, though absolutely nothing wrong if it is, but if it makes me smile, I think it's worthy of being Featured : )

@oio wow clever thinking but I hope as well people don't do that on purpose. And maybe the Hopscotch Team have taken it into account in the Trending algorithm


I can't email t1 sry


You can always ask your parents to email for you, or you can even ask me if you need to email something.


Thanks but my parents won't let me email from their emails I don't know why. Thanks for the offer of your email for me.


No problem! :smiley:


Or just because you want to show it to someone, or you like your own project, I get it.